About Us

About Solution Tree

Since 1998, educators have trusted Solution Tree with their professional development needs.

Your success is our success. When the bar is raised for you—and the expectations for students and educators have never been higher—we raise the bar for ourselves. We constantly ask ourselves how we can better serve educators in the most important work there is: preparing our children for the future.

Ultimately, what we all want is success for all learners. When we say all, we mean all: youth at risk, English learners, students with special needs, every child. At Solution Tree, we don’t just believe that learning for all is possible. We know it.

Succeeding with all learners is only possible when educators have developed deep expertise in content: by mastering best practices in curriculum, instruction, and assessment. Collaboration and intervention systems ensure that no child slips through the cracks.

Core content work succeeds best in environments that intentionally nurture learning: safe, culturally aware, well-ordered classrooms where students take ownership of learning. Teachers differentiate instruction, implement brain-compatible learning strategies, and model respect and care.

The foundation for success in all these efforts is a context that drives continuous improvement: strong leadership, shared vision for school improvement, a system for assessing learning needs, intervening when students struggle, monitoring results, technology to support 21st century learners, a data-driven culture, a professional learning community.

In reality, great schools are rarely built from the ground up. Most schools already have strengths in some areas and need help in others. We’ll work with you to build strengths at every level.