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There's nothing like the renewed energy, commitment, and shared knowledge created when a team attends a Solution Tree event—but budget and travel restrictions can present serious obstacles. Solution Tree now offers a personalized, interactive way to bring our high-quality, motivating events to your school, district, or regional office—without travel or lodging costs—for a significantly lower per-person cost.

What is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event is an opportunity for a large school team to experience one of our conferences without traveling or incurring food and lodging costs. Instead, at a convenient location of your choosing, your staff will view a live (or delayed) video stream of keynote and breakout sessions and panel discussions, while enjoying expert on-site facilitation from a PLC associate trained by Richard DuFour, Robert Eaker, Rebecca DuFour, and Mike Mattos (visionaries of the Professional Learning Communities at Work™ process).

How does it work?

For a significantly lower per-person cost, rather than travel to the conference, you can host a hybrid event. You make arrangements for the location where the hybrid event will be held for your staff, and we arrange for the facilitator and materials.

Can you walk me through the experience?

Suppose Jane is in charge of professional development (PD) for a remote North Dakota district. She loves Solution Tree conferences and wants to implement the PLC at Work™ process in her district. But the idea of sending her staff to the closest conference (in Lincolnshire, Illinois) is discouraging because of expense, travel time, etc.

She hears Solution Tree is offering a hybrid event that would not require her staff to travel. In fact, instead of a small group traveling and reporting back, her entire staff could experience a PLC at Work™ Institute firsthand from the comfort of her school auditorium. Jane signs up her district to host the live hybrid event.

Jane reserves the location, invites attendees, and ensures the facility is equipped with the proper A/V components. Solution Tree sends the facilitator and a trained hybrid staff member to assist with on-site logistics. Our staff member arrives the day before to complete the event setup. Throughout the event, Jane's staff is able to participate in the event breakout and panel discussions in real time.

Want to learn more? Watch our hybrid webinar!

Why should I choose the hybrid event?

  • Travel and hotel expenses add up and are not necessary with the hybrid event.
  • A hybrid event is easier on your staff. You will not have to ask them to sacrifice personal time.
  • All school or district staff, rather than a small team, can participate firsthand.
  • The hybrid event is facilitated by an on-site PLC associate who will provide a personalized experience.
  • You will benefit from direct access to top authors and PLC experts, like Richard DuFour and Rebecca DuFour, who may be unavailable for on-site PD.

Are these virtual events? Why is this model called a “hybrid” event?

We prefer to use the term hybrid event because this is not going to be like sitting at your computer or watching the conference on TV. This is a multifaceted, participatory, and guided alternative experience that captures the collaborative dynamic of the conference.

What will my staff receive?

Each hybrid event participant will receive an attendee tote bag, a comprehensive binder including printed materials for keynote sessions, Leaders of Learning (summit) or Learning by Doing (institutes), a Solution Tree pen and sticky note booklet, and a certificate of participation (hours dependent on the number of days chosen). If your staff participates in all three days of the hybrid, they are eligible to earn graduate credit through Lynchburg College.

Lynchburg College Graduate Credit Opportunity 2014
Lynchburg College Graduate Non-Degree Application

Which Solution Tree events are available as hybrids?

  • PLC at Work™ Institute, October 1–3, simulcast from Tulsa, Oklahoma (Purchase deadline is September 3, 2014.)

Please note:

The purchase deadline is the date by which your contract must be signed. This allows us enough time to coordinate the materials, facilitator, and logistics.

Looking to choose your own date?

Our Anytime Anywhere Hybrid allows you to experience the power of our hybrid events on a date that works best for you and your team. Call 800.733.6786 ext. 200 to learn more about customizing your hybrid experience.

Details and eligibility

How long is a hybrid event?

A hybrid event can be one, two, or three days long, depending on your needs and your budget. Day three of a summit or institute typically ends around 12:00 p.m. For the remainder of the day, the on-site facilitator will deliver a customized PD experience. Your staff will benefit from the hybrid event as well as on-site PD.

How many people can attend, and what are the costs?

The hybrid event is designed to be cost-efficient for large groups (a minimum of 160 attendees is required) and up to 500 people can participate. The cost varies according to the number of days.

2014 PLC at Work™ Institutes
Attendees Two days
per attendee
Three days
per attendee
160–199 $265 $345
200–500 Call for volume discounts

Pricing is subject to change without notice. 

Does it matter what time zone I'm in?

There is a conference that can be streamed live in nearly every time zone. You may wish to choose your event by considering the dates that work for you, your time zone, and territorial restrictions.

How can I purchase a hybrid event for my staff?

Call your director of educational partnerships to find out if a hybrid event is the right fit for your school or district today! The hybrid events are not available for purchase through our website.