Common Core Pathways

Common Core Pathways

Our collection of Common Core services offers premium, on-site professional development for sustainable implementation. Partner with us to develop a comprehensive plan based on your school's or district's most critical challenges. Best of all, each step is completely customizable! Choose the pathway that makes the most sense for your school or district.


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Leading in the Common Core

  • Support a culture of professionalism and collaborative change.
  • Initiate standards-based instructional changes with staff.
  • Provide scaffolding, coaching, and feedback through PD, instructional rounds, and conferencing.
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Understanding the Common Core

  • Gain a comprehensive overview of the CCSS.
  • Learn what distinguishes the CCSS from other state standards.
  • Outline and prioritize next steps for implementation.
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Transitioning to the Common Core

  • Identify the gap between current practices and the expectations of the CCSS.
  • Unpack, repack, and bundle the CCSS into meaningful units of study.
  • Power implementation with CCSS-aligned resources.
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Teaching With Rigor and Relevance

  • Transform instructional practice by modeling and scaffolding 21st century skill development.
  • Design CCSS-aligned lessons that emphasize critical thinking.
  • Implement performance assessments in the classroom.
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Implementing the Common Core

for Mathematics

  • Recognize the conceptual shifts in the CCSS for mathematics.
  • Integrate CCSS-aligned mathematical practices supported by research-based strategies.
  • Develop high-quality assessments and effective mathematics lesson designs.
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for English Language Arts

  • Identify the conceptual shifts in the CCSS for English language arts.
  • Weave anchor standards and foundational skills into English language arts and other subjects.
  • Incorporate strategies that emphasize text complexity and close reading.
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Assessing With Rigor and Relevance

  • Gain advanced understanding of the PARCC and SBAC assessment frameworks.
  • Identify the gap between current practices and the expectations of the CCSS.
  • Create common formative assessments that integrate CCSS-aligned questions.
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