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  • “Because of the things we learned, we have been asked to share with other principals in the district. Our team is moving in a positive direction because of Joe's guidance. He is a quality presenter and an even better person. Thanks for sharing his talents with us at Box Elder Middle School.” —Keith Mecham, principal, Box Elder Middle School, Utah

  • “The workshop was fantastic! We made so much progress working with Dave...I can't say enough good things about Dave and how his expertise helped to guide our leadership team.”—Kristi Anderson, director of instructional services and federal programs, Lake Hamilton School District, Arkansas

  • “You are fantastic, the best, most useful PD I have had this year. I am usually very skeptical of new teaching techniques and I also have trouble making it work for math. These PD sessions have been incredibly useful. I am energized and excited to use these ideas and share them with my staff.” —Susan Thomas, teacher, California

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Is this your reality? If not, it can be. Teachers can advance their knowledge and skills to become more effective in classrooms. Educators at all levels can collaborate to create a culture of success. Students can graduate prepared for college, career, and beyond. Now is the time to take action and start achieving your goals.

As the premier provider of professional development, your success is our focus. There’s nothing more important to us than helping you increase student achievement. We know you need results now—so let’s start working together to ensure that every child in your school or district gets the world-class education he or she deserves.

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Ensure your students succeed Request PD today!

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Not just anyone can be a Solution Tree expert. Our experts are required to have extensive knowledge and years of real-world experience as practitioners. Check out our rigorous vetting process.

    Potential Solution Tree experts are invited to an invitation-only training where we learn about their unique skill set and presentation style.
    We carefully review each applicant’s materials and performance ratings to identify the most exceptional candidates.
    Only the best of the best are selected and trained to become certified Solution Tree experts.
    Surveys are distributed on a regular basis to ensure our experts consistently deliver top-notch guidance.

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