The Future of Schooling

The Future of Schooling

Educating America in 2020

Publication date: October 07, 2010

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The Future of Schooling

Educating America in 2020

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Solution Tree, McREL

The actions you take now will help your school or district succeed in the future. McREL experts show you how to use scenario planning to prepare for the future world of education. By analyzing the content and discussing the implications of these scenarios, you can identify action steps today that will maximize your chance for success tomorrow.


  • Review four scenarios that describe in vivid detail how the trends McREL has been tracking might shape very different alternate futures for education.
  • Gain a summary of the key factors and trends that are driving change in education now and in the near future.
  • Understand how to move from the abstract thought experiment of the scenarios to concrete actions you can take today.

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